We have our own in-house, native-English, hard-working, clean-living copy and content writer, Brian Cloughley. He specialises in writing about sustainability, but his inquisitive mind has led him to write about everything from brewing to podcasts to surveillance equipment to 3D printing (scroll right for more examples). He has also spent time in a dedicated internal communications role for a major Swedish company, so he can help you keep in touch with your employees if you need to. You can reach Brian at brian@bloodyhoney.se or 070 422 4870.

Brian has been writing copy and content since 2015, from social media posts to long-form articles. His background is in sustainability (academic research and consultancy), but he’s become a go-to-guy for a host of our colleagues around Sweden because of his ability to write interesting, understandable articles about complicated subjects. Clients have included IKEA, Alfa Laval, Axis Communications, Massive Entertainment, UNICEF, Sandvik and many, many more

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